Community Support

Product documentation, FAQs are available online. Also look for product documentation with your installed product or contact us directly if you need specific information.

Online documentation is available here at

Customer Support

Partners and Customers which have access to our Help Desk can log into our Help Desk at

Common Inquires
Dynamics NAV Add-On Support

Support and maintenance is provided in accordance with the Software Support and Maintenance Services Agreement (SUMA) made between Unimaze Software and the Partner or Customer. Reselling Partners become part of SUMA automatically, whereas Customers can sign the agreement when they purchase a Premium Support contract.

Service levels

Service levels are determined based on incident cateogories defines by the SUMA as Mission Critical, Severe or Moderate.

  • Mission Critical incidents are serviced with a response within 4 hours time and an 8 hours solution time.
  • Severe incidents are serviced with a response within 8 hours working time and a 16 hours solution time.
  • Moderate incidents are serviced with a response within 3 working days and solved in the next maintenance release.

Support lifecycle and product roadmap

During its lifecycle, products are versioned using a version number indicating its major release, minor release and maintenance release (for example: v1.4.3 or v2.0.0).

A previous minor release is supported for three months after a new minor release is issued. When a new major version is released, the last minor release of the previous major version is supported for twelve months with new maintenance releases.

The product will be updated to be up-to-date with the latest EU standards for electronic business documents. In addition we will work with specific customers to solve their needs to accommodate support for older technology, such as EDI, whether or not they become part of the standard offering or not.

We create new releases two to six months after Microsoft releases new versions of Dynamics NAV, to allow our customer to be up to date with latest version of Dynamics NAV.

Support information and contacts

Documentation for the ebManager NAV Add-On is available Online. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) appear there.

Customers should submit support queries via our Support Portal or by sending e-mail to our designated support mail address. Important incidents are responded to over the phone: +354 588 7575.