April 01, 2020
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Allowance Charge Reason Code


Short name:AllowanceChargeReasonCode
Long name:Adjustment Reason Description
Canonical URI:urn:oasis:names:specification:ubl:codelist:gc:AllowanceChargeReasonCode
Canonical Version URI:urn:oasis:names:specification:ubl:codelist:gc:AllowanceChargeReasonCode-2.0


1Agreed settlement
2Below specification goods
3Damaged goods
4Short delivery
5Price query
6Proof of delivery required
7Payment on account
8Returnable container charge included
9Invoice error
10Costs for draft
11Bank charges
12Agent commission
13Counter claim
14Wrong delivery
15Goods returned to agent
16Goods partly returned
17Transport damage
18Goods on consignment
19Trade discount
20Deduction for late delivery
21Advertising costs
22Customs duties
23Telephone and postal costs
24Repair costs
25Attorney fees
27Reclaimed deduction
28See separate advice
29Buyer refused to take delivery
30Direct payment to seller
31Buyer disagrees with due date
32Goods not delivered
33Late delivery
34Quoted as paid to you
35Goods returned
36Invoice not received
37Credit note to debtor/not to us
38Deducted bonus
39Deducted discount
40Deducted freight costs
41Deduction against other invoices
42Credit balance(s)
43Reason unknown
44Awaiting message from seller
45Debit note to seller
46Discount beyond terms
47See buyer's letter
48Allowance/charge error
49Substitute product
50Terms of sale error
51Required data missing
52Wrong invoice
53Duplicate invoice
54Weight error
55Additional charge not authorized
56Incorrect discount
57Price change
61Indirect payment
62Financial reassignment
63Reinstatement of chargeback/offset
64Expecting new terms
65Settlement to agent
66Cash discount
67Delcredere costs
68Early payment allowance adjustment
69Incorrect due date for monetary amount
70Wrong monetary amount resulting from incorrect free goods quantity
71Rack or shelf replenishment service by a supplier
72Temporary special promotion
73Difference in tax rate
74Quantity discount
75Promotion discount
76Cancellation deadline passed
77Pricing discount
78Volume discount
79Sundry discount
80Card holder signature missing
81Card expiry date missing
82Card number error
83Card expired
84Test card transaction
85Permission limit exceeded
86Wrong authorisation code
87Wrong authorised amount
88Authorisation failed
89Card acceptor data error
ZZZMutually defined